Our company, provides a comprehensive research service, that enables our clients to learn more about their consumers, their industry, their main competitors and the important parameters around them. This service is provided prior to any property management decision and its main purpose is to deliver strong, dependable data to our clients, so that they can make sound business decisions. It can be used to better understand consumer and business habits and behaviors, as well as a range of other topics.

Furthermore, our company performs thorough market researches, based on the comparison of the property values of recently sold and current listings, which contribute to the determination of a profitable price point, that will ensure our clients’ long-term profit. Furthermore, the market research, we undertake, contributes to the identification of demographic and economic trends, for better assessing the market potential of a site or an asset. The system of supply and demand is depending on those factors, so the value is changing accordingly.

Our Market research service can cover all types of properties and schemes of investments such as: retail, logistics, hospitality, housing, commercial, food & beverage, pharmaceutical and health, renewable energy etc. Our procedures and methodology always applies and follows the RICS standards.