When involving into a deal of acquiring or leasing a property, there is sometimes one or more that are still missing for completing the transaction and therefore the desired property is not ready to be bought or leased leading to delays and risks in completing a deal. We provide a specific service for technical maturity of any property your own or willing to own in order to make sure 100% its readiness for the transaction. This service comes with a specific and detailed checklist depending on the type of the property and its future use. Our team of experts provides a detailed and thorough research and prepares a list of deliverables. This list of deliverables is prepared by respective consultants under the coordination and approval of our team. A list of deliverables for this service are:

  • Solemn Declaration Act Ν. 4495/2017

  • All Building Permit Drawings

  • As built drawing plans

  • Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)

  • Property Legal Inspection

  • Certificates of Property Financial Burdens Clearance

  • Updated – to the last 5 years – VAT and Unified Property Tax tables

  • All Hellenic Cadastre (Land) Registry documentation

  • Certified Notary’s report related to the relevance and suitability of the file’s contents as well as to the readiness of the property to be transferred.