Our tailor-made services are provided by experienced professionals armed with expertise of global reach and drawing on an in-depth knowledge of local markets. We focus on the particular needs of each valuation with impeccable professionalism and a high sense of responsibility. We provide valuation advisory services as per RICS standards and requirements of the valuation property and case. The range of our services and our substantial know-how set us apart as a useful and reliable collaborator for individuals, businesses, organizations and various bodies, in Greece and abroad.

Our Property valuations follow the RICS standards and are for:

  • commercial and residential (self-contained buildings or parts thereof, office and retail premises, shopping centres, residential buildings, parking facilities, cinemas or theatres, buildings under construction, etc)

  • urban and non urban designated land parcels (in urban, periurban and unzoned rural areas all over Greece)

  • hotels and holiday housing (capital value and business concern assessment)

  • warehouses and industrial property (factories, shipyards, steelworks, quarries, oil refineries, fuel storage and distribution units, petrol stations etc)

  • Planning investigation (land use class and development regulations, zoning and development restrictions, coastline issues, as well as environmental, forestal, archaeological and other parameters)

  • Valuations of real estate rights (usage rights, goodwill, licenses, etc)

Our services are provided to:

  • Companies that contemplate their listing on the Stock Exchange require an unbiased and objective valuation of their assets for decision- making purposes wish to have their assets evaluated within the framework of IFRS compliance are in need of property valuation to satisfy their occupational needs

  • Banks or finance providers that: seek a form of security in the context of granting mortgages Private individuals

  • Investment funds

  • Developers and property management companies

  • International retailers and hotel operators