Our company undertakes the services of value engineering, for the optimization of the value on every project assigned. Vita Estate Development can cooperate and supervise all consultants, designers and contractors in order to maximize the project’s efficiency, while minimizing the cost for our clients, by using its vast experience in the field. During the designing phase, our company’s highly trained professionals schedule value engineering workshops, in order to determine the best alternative solutions, for achieving cost reduction, value addition and maintainability. We are not compromise with quality and design standards but we make sure that the best possible material and work selection has been done in order to have the desired outcome without cost or time variations respectively. During the value engineering process we follow exact restrictions according to the budget and the development timeline of the project making sure that no change order will happen for any reason. Our long list of suppliers and subcontractors gives us the access to endless data for material selections, construction methodology, sub-contractors references and recent prices from similar projects. The outcome will be providing the comparison of all potential solutions towards the Client and all the data needed in order to take a solid decision and proceed wisely. We always update our list of suppliers, in order to be at the top of the market and ensure full accordance with each project’s guidelines, so as to meet our clients’ needs.