VITA ESTATE DEVELOPMENT provides a fully integrated solution of Facilities Management services that can ensure the smooth operation of your asset. Such an operation requires a range of supporting services that when provided as standalone can be time-consuming for a company’s personnel and quite costly too. We offer a bundle of services that may include cleaning, security, technical maintenance, energy automation etc. Modern facilities can be very demanding and technology dependent when it comes to operations and control. Facilities Management as an integrated system covers all these sophisticated needs of a facility and is the ideal solution for a company.

Our specialised team delivers flexible bundles of services tailored to the needs of your specific facilities. We closely work with our clients in order to fully comprehend their requirements and deliver to them the integrated services they need.

We provide very well-trained personnel from various fields and we guarantee for the high quality of services, that will contribute to the reduction of cost and the improvement of your facility’s operations, leaving your personnel free to concentrate on your business.

The fully integrated Facilities Management services may comprise a wide array of services:

  • Cleaning

  • Supply of Consumable Products

  • Supply staff

  • Catering

  • Waste management

  • Technical Maintenance

  • Gardening & Plants

  • Disinfestation

  • Safekeeping