Our company also undertakes the services of becoming the investor’s representative, when investing in a new project. Our highly experienced team, as investor representatives, enable the investors to focus more professionally on their project. We can start providing those services, before, during or right after the completion of the due diligence process, by delivering technical and managerial expertise, in order to manage the risks, and track the progress of a project. The services include, among others, analyzing whether the developer, designer, or contractor have the necessary experience and capacity to complete the project efficiently, coordination between those involved and the investor, ensuring that the investor’s needs are met and finally being in charge of the supervision of the whole project and passing all the required information to the investor. Last but not least we are providing all available options for financing your project in order to make the best out of your investment. Transparency and integrity are the main factor for this service provision as we put our effort to create a successful and seriously profitable portfolio of projects for each of our investors.