In the February 2024 issue of Construction magazine with the title TOWERS & SKYSCRAPERS IN GREECE & CYPRUS, we present the historic MINION building with a full page entry.


As the construction company, our firm is honored to assist in this extraordinary regeneration of the former MINION building, a landmark of Athens, which is expected to shine again in 2024, 90 years after its construction. The first phase with the reconstruction and highlighting of its facades on the 28 th of October, Veranzerou, Doros and Satovriandos streets where it is being developed, has already been completed. At the same time, the work of shaping the interior spaces of the levels and the ground floor continues feverishly and is expected to be completed by the middle of this year, with the aim of ‘bringing the restored department store of MINION back to life’ as a modern ‘green’ building with LEED specifications at the high level of Gold Certification.

Our company is proud of yet another successful collaboration with the investment company DIMAND and additionally of its contribution to the construction of buildings with a low environmental footprint achieving optimal utilization through their users.